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Jul 22, 2009 at 11:33 AM

webservice problem with output to usertask


Hi guys, i have a problem with the output of a webservice.

I created a web service from a bapi (ecc6),named get UserDetail. the input is User name and the output are fields like address telephone and so on..

I tested the web service via the wsadmin and via Web Services Navigator and even in SOAPUI, all these tests give me back the results, sow my conclusion is the webservice is fine.

Now i have created a process with 3 steps the first step starts with a user task, the Task output (User Name) is mapped to the context1.

The second step is the web service I described above. The input is the context1 from above (user name) and is mapped to (UsergetDetail) User name. The output that I want like address telephone and so on is mapped to a context2.

Then the third is a user task, where the input of taks is Context2 mapped to the UIrequest.

When is start the service i enter the user name and press the OK button, i expect the web service to preforms its task and will give the output and i wait for the the 3 task..

But the third task isn't started at all..

Do you know what could be the problem??


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