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Jul 22, 2009 at 09:56 AM

preventing status change in PM order


hello all

we have implemnted 2 user status in a profile for PM order: OPEN and FINI

we have set the system so that, when the user status is OPEN, the order cannot be technically closed (system status TECO not possible).

the user status can be changed back and forth and, we discovered that when the order is on FINI and can be set on TECO, after that for some reason, it can be returned to OPEN without canceling the technical closure! meaning: we can have a scenario like this:

PM Order User status: OPEN System status: REL

PM Order User status: FINI System status: TECO

System status TECO User status OPEN

we want to prevent the last scenario to happen.

in the customization the status OPEN is set to forbidden in TECO but, if I set TECO and only after i set the OPEN again, it works....

any ideas?