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How to remove Sales Order reference from PO item level (Account assignment tab)?

Nov 16, 2016 at 12:15 PM


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Hi colleagues and experts,

I have SO based on which PO is created. When item from PO is deleted there is still reference to SO item in PO item Account Assignment tab (see attached image):

The reason why I want to remove this SO item reference is because I am not able to delete SO item if it is referenced to some other document as in this case.

So I have the following questions:
1) What is correct approach from functional side in my described case?
2) Is it possible from ABAP to remove this reference, which user exit I should use to modify this - after I deleted item from PO?

If you need additional information or you have questions, please let me know.

BR, Kristaps

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Jürgen L Nov 16, 2016 at 12:36 PM

It is not wanted by design that you delete items from the sales order which has already a PO. You can only reject.

see for background OSS note 210470 - How can a third-party item be deleted?

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Hi Jurgen,

First things first. Thanks for giving me this information and note.

So I am understanding correctly that SO reference in PO item could not be deleted at all, only thing that can be done is - instead of deleting SO item, it can be rejected and new one created?

In note there is described standard approach, but is it possible to create some workaround with ABAP (but only then if it will not cause any other issues later) and remove this SO reference in PO item? Is there side effect if we remove this reference with ABAP?

Hope for your explaining, and best solution in this case.

BR, Kristaps


can you explain why an item needs to be deleted physically, where it harms your processes.

physical deletions are in general not wanted for audit reasons if you have already follow on activities.

SAP is so high integrated between various modules that you might not have the overview of side affects that my be caused by such modifications.


Thanks for your fast response.

About "can you explain why an item needs to be deleted physically, where it harms your processes." I will contact business and check this, then I will come back if needed.

Another open question from my side. Hope you can give your opinion on this and then I will add points for your assistance.

After modifying SO item quantity (PO already created), system does not give any warning message that PO item is already created with old quantity. What is the standard approach here? Is it possible to implement some customizing in SPRO or ABAP logic (if ABAB which user exit?) to give warning message to end user that PO still have old quantity for item not that which was changed in SO item?

Hope for your explaining, Kristaps


I am actually wondering that you do not get a message when changing the SO quantity.

I get warning message V1099 Already ordered for item &1: &2 &3"

you may want to read the OSS note 445451 - Quantity change for third-party and individual PO


Hi Jürgen,

As we are using BOM functionality and configurable materials here, the Reason for rejection part is Grayed out:

Is it possible to switch it on in SO by some configuration? What you suggest in this case as the item could not be deleted and rejected (remove SO reference from PO?

Please suggest your opinion and the correct way doing it.

BR, Kristaps

rejection.png (10.8 kB)

You mean just because it is a configurable material a customer can never cancel his order, or a customer service rep is never ever able to cancel the order after s/he found a mistake? Does not sound logical to me.

Usually this is grayed and inactive if you have already subsequent documents such as deliveries

Please compare with this discussion

read also FAQ note 549972 - FAQ: Rejecting third-party items or individual PO items


Hi Jürgen,

Items could be rejected now in my sales order. But I am getting below message. In my case it is saying that items could not be deleted (I have configuration that deletes item from sales order if BOM is changed - component from it is deleted).

1) Now I made small enhancement that sets for these items Reason for Rejection, but still this message comes. Is it possible to remove it in case item is rejected? If item is not rejected, I would like to see it.
2) Also I would like to know, if I can modify this message and add related document number there, for example, PO number?

BR, Kristaps

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