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Jul 22, 2009 at 05:23 AM

Integration of HR-FI issues


Hi All,

We require help in the following HR-FI integration areas.

1. Loans & Advances

We have the following types of advances

Staff Advance - Recoverable

Staff advance - Furniture

Staff advance - Routine Expens

Staff Advance - Adjustable

Staff Advance LTA

Vehicle Loan Recoverable

Car Deposit

How will we handle Employee advances and loans. How will the entry flow from

HR to FI in case of any advance.

Will the same be affected at the time of payrol posting or do we have to

pass FI entries for the same(Its been learnt that we can run the off-cycle payroll run of the same).

We have create special GL for all these loans and advances to employees. In

case HR is being implemented, then do we need all these special GL codes.

Is it possible to post directly to special GL by means of development or

user exit, as SAP didnt gave the provision to post to Spl. GL


2. Bank Transfer: How will we take care of salary processing in case of bank

transfer, cash payments and cheques to employees. How the system identifies the kind of payment to the employee(I hope it comes through the Bank details from HR master) and the bifurcation of the payment type and their detail note.

These are the major issues for which I wish to have the solution.

Thanks and regards,