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Jul 21, 2009 at 10:02 PM

SD availability check



I have a material X with availability check as 02. its having 20 ea in stock.

two sales orders came in with order quantity as 15 and 10.

sales order 1 with quantity 15

sales order 2 with quantity 10.

the system is letting me to process sales 1 order 15 with out any issues.

but if i want to process sales order 2 before sales order 1 its not letting me to. and it gives me a error message saying material is not available.

looks like system is making hard reservation on stock when sales order comes in. I know this is the standard process. and i have to do back order processing if I want to process the sales order 2 before sales order 1.

Is there any changes that I can do in availablity check. so that the syustem will not make any hard reservationson stock.

and i can process any sales order i want if the stock is available.

I dont want to make availability check as KP.