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Jul 21, 2009 at 07:51 PM

Can a breakpoint effect program logic flow?


Recently I noticed some unexpected printing problems while working with a transaction. I was able to duplicate the problem, but nobody else on my team seemed to be effected by it.

The only common link seemed to be that I had a username breakpoint put inside one of the programs within the transaction so each time the transaction executed I was breaking into the ABAP debugger and then hitting F8 to continue.

I had put the breakpoint "break userid." there to make it easier to debug in development in case I wanted to easily step through that part of the process, but after taking it out I noticed that my printing problem nolonger seemed to effect me.

I would expect the same program to behave exactly the same regardless of whether it breaks into the debugger or not. Is it possible for the debugger to effect the outcome of a program, and are there any wierd things breakpoints can do?