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Jul 21, 2009 at 07:42 PM

Type "/TDM/9_600C00001" is unknown - TDMS ABAP Dump


Good afternoon,

I'm starting the data transfer phase in my TDMS package and I've run across the following error message.

TDMS created all the reports it needs for data deletion in the receiver system, but all the reports have a syntax error causeing a short dump.

Has anyone seen this and do you know how to resolve it?

Or did SAP encounter an error somewhere and I have to scrap this package entirely?

Code from one program included - the first DATA statments are causing the sntax error. I've tried quite a few trouble shooting error resolution programs, but nothing i've found is updating the code or creating an database entry so the TYPE statement doesn't fail.

report /tdm/9_600_90003_00001_c.

  • Created by user TDMSRFC with program CNV_TDMS_09_CREATE_PROGRAMS

  • on date 07152009 at time 151509.

  • This program will process table /COCKPIT/CADDCHK.


  • Scenario = AR_DEL

  • Selection = R


type-pools t.

parameters gp_test like ddrefstruc-flag default t_no.

  • Data definition

constants: gc_packid like cnvtdms_09_table-packid value '90003',

gc_tabname like dd02l-tabname value '/COCKPIT/CADDCHK',

gc_viewname like dd25l-viewname value '/TDM/9_600C00001'.

tables cnvmbtclu.

data: gd_original type /tdm/9_600c00001,

gd_converted type /tdm/9_600c00001,

gt_original like standard table of gd_original,