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Jul 21, 2009 at 05:48 PM

Sales Report


I am trying to create a query related to sales reports. I have been asked to create a report that could indicate the differences between the order qty's vs the confirm qty's so that Sales Deparment can know what is left to confirm and then to be invoiced.

Using table joins in SQ02 and adding fields (from sales tables) I have been able to run a report that consider columns with order and columns with confirm quantities and this is the point where the problem comes up. I can not play with this columns not make sums or subtracts because there are lines with order qtys, and there are other lines with confirm qtys.

Usually in this plant the required delivery date per item varies from the material availability date causing the creation of multiple line items per order line item on the procurement tab.


Order Quantity: 20 (VBAP-KWMENG)

required delivery date: 07/01/09

Confirm Quantity: 15 (VBEP-BMENG)

material availability date: 07/10/09

Confirm Quantity: 5 (VBEP-BMENG)

material availability date: 07/12/09

then three line items in Procurement Tab are created:

Confirmed Quantity material availability date (mat. av. dt.)

0 07/01/09 - required delivery date

15 07/10/09

5 07/12/09

If the Req. deliv date varies from the confirm date then another item line is created just under the order quantity in the procurement tab causing problems in the way I have configured my query asn I mentioned below


Is there any way that I can have just one line item per order qty considering also the confirm qty if the dates are different from each other?

Is there any other way that I can create the query? I could no find an order quantity in table VBEP

I would apreciate you help and assistance

Thanks in advance