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Jul 21, 2009 at 03:49 PM

STO between Plants with different Time zones:error into mat avail date calc


Hi everyone!

I've a big problem concerning the transfers; I will try to describe to scenario hoping in a your precious help

The system is located in Italy so the sy-datum is set according to the Rome time zone;

The transfers are executed beetwen american plants; The issue occurs when the delivery date is next to the sy-datum in particular when a similar scenario to that below described happens:

US (Chicago) time: 07/21/2009 h 06:00 pm

RM Time: 07/22/2009 h 01:00 am;

Lead Time 3 days (ME23N > item level >Delivery tab-->Planned delivery time in days, field)

Req Delivery Date : 07/24/2009

So when in USA a sto is created a check on the material availability date is done; this date is calculated from the Req Delivery Date minus Lead Time; but if the sy datum is RM Time: 07/22/2009 1:00 am, the availability date is

Req Delivery Date : 07/24/2009 - Lead Time 3 days = 07/21/2009;

this date is ok ("today") for USA but it is in the past for Italy; so the system can't update the material availability date becouse it can't update a date in the past;

How can I resolve this big issue? this has big impacts on the logistic flow becouse it causes delays on the trucks load;

Thanks for your help