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Jul 21, 2009 at 03:21 PM

Prompts with webi in xcelsius and Live Office



I'm facing with a problem, hope anyone can help me.

I have a webi report with one prompt, I inserted this report via live office to a xls in Xcelsius 2008 document. I'm trying to refresh the document with a combo box that inset a value in a single cell, this cell is the reference to the prompt of the webi report, then I added a conection of live office and a button of "Refresh" wich behavior is refresh when value change (of the same cell).

Everything seems to be ok, but when I see the xlf in preview mode, the error # 26315 appears everytime I change the value of the combo box, and the reports doesn´t refresh.

Do I have to configure some thing else? maybe in other place like the CMC? or do I missing something?

Thanks for the help...