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Jul 21, 2009 at 03:10 PM

Goods purchased/sold by linear foot with serial number management?


Client purchases rolls of goods, cuts them down, and sells the pieces. Rolls have same width, but can be of varying length. Pricing is by linear foot.

Consider rolls of cloth. Say roll is always 3 feet wide, but can be any length. Roll purchase price and selling price is based on linear feet.

Purchase 1 roll, 3 feet wide by 20 feet long @$1.00/linear foot, $20.00

Sell roll in cut pieces to different customers. Pieces are cut 3 feet wide by x feet long @ $2.00/linear foot till roll is gone.

If I create an item, 'Roll1', based on a linear foot unit of measure, and manage it with serial numbers, then when I receive my 20 foot roll, I need 20 serial numbers. I want one serial number for per roll.

If I create an item 'Roll2', with roll as the basic unit of measure, and manage it with serial numbers, I can't cut it down and sell it in pieces.

Is there a way to take advange of serial number mangement to track the rolls, maybe using bills of material? Is there an addon that does this?