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Jul 21, 2009 at 02:47 PM

Report RFUMSV00 Added custom field ,Field is showing but total not showing


My Question is after Doing below things OUTPUT is showing with my Custom field added .

But Total is not showing

Can any body let me know where i am doing wrong.......

See the code what i am doing..............

Added custom field at below Badi....

BADI Name : -FI_TAX_BADI_011

      ch_tax_item-userfieldnum1 = w_zfhufinv-netlc. "Gross Tot Amnt HUF'

Added field Description and other stuff at below BADI....

BADI Name : -FI_TAX_BADI_014

  DATA: w_l_fieldcat LIKE LINE OF ch_tab_fieldcat.

* Loop through ALV Catalog replacing the Default User Field headings with the
* custom field headings and modify the Catalog.

  LOOP AT ch_tab_fieldcat INTO w_l_fieldcat.
        w_l_fieldcat-reptext_ddic   = 'Gross Total Amount HUF'.
        w_l_fieldcat-seltext_l      = 'Gross Total Amount HUF'.
        w_l_fieldcat-seltext_m      = 'Gross Total Amount HUF'.
        w_l_fieldcat-seltext_s      = 'Gross Total Amount HUF'.

        w_l_fieldcat-fieldname      = 'USERFIELDNUM1'.
        w_l_fieldcat-do_sum         = 'X'.                                                      "Passed X for sum still not showing sum at output
        w_l_fieldcat-no_out         = ' '.
        w_l_fieldcat-no_zero        = ' '.


Can any body let me know where i am doing wrong.......


Edited by: Prabhu Das on Jul 21, 2009 8:31 PM