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Jul 21, 2009 at 12:54 PM

include list of tables data transfer


how to include list of tables below for data transfer


IDOC related (IDCOC with status 53 and 12)





list of WORKFLOW tables

SWP_HEADER Workflow Instances: Header Data of a Workflow Execution

SWP_NODEWI WF: Work items for nodes in a workflow definition

SWPNODE WFM: Node Properties and Node Hierarchy at Runtime

SWPNODELOG Workflow: Instance Data of Nodes of a Workflow Execution

SWPSTEPLOG Workflow: Instance Data of Steps of a Workflow Execution

SWW_CONT Workflow Runtime: Work Item Data Container

SWW_CONTOB Workflow Runtime: Work Item Data Container (Only Objects)

SWW_WI2OBJ Workflow Runtime: Relation of Work Item to Object

SWWCNTP0 Workflow Container: XML Database (P0)

SWWCNTPADD Workflow Runtime: Persistence for Additional Container (XML)

SWWEI Workflow Runtime: Work Items of Type E (Event Items)

SWWLOGHIST Workflow Runtime: History of a Work Item

SWWLOGPARA Obsolete 4.6/ WIM Log Table: Actions on WIs - Parameters

SWWWIDEADL Workflow Runtime: Deadline Data for Work Items

SWWWIHEAD Workflow Runtime: Header Table for All Work Item Types

SWWWIRET Workflow Runtime: Return Values of Method Call

SWZAI Header Table for all Properties of a Work Queue

SWZAIENTRY Object Table for Work Queues (Entries)

SWZAIRET Return Values of Method Call of a WQ Line


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