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Jul 21, 2009 at 11:39 AM

Custom UI element to bind to existing context?



I'm doing ESS customisation for one of the screens(Addresses) to add a UI element. Here is what I need to do, on the addresses screen layout I have few communication subtypes something like below

com01 num01

com02 num02

com03 num03

Where com01, com02, com03 are three different items available as dropdown UI element and corresponding num01, num02 and num03 as inputfields UI element. This com01,02,03 are totally 3 dropdowns with corresponding num01,02,03 inputfields. These subtypes are all put under one transparent container and currently not visible on the portal. We can make it visible, but the requirement is different for me and we want users to see only one dropdown UI element and bind it to proper subtype as follows.

I have to create a custom dropdown UI element which will have predefined list of items. Now I have to make this custom UI dropdown element visible on the portal at particular location on the screen and the item selected from this dropdown should get updated on the num02 of com02 in the backend.

NOTE: The custom UI dropdown element predefined values would come from local dictionary, simple type enum object. All the subtypes are available under existing ESS addresses context

Now under implementation coding of the addresses screen, under what method or event should I write coding when user selects item from custom UI dropdown element I should assign the selected item of custom UI element to num02 context. I know what value should go into com02 value so I need to hard code that value to com02. Basically like key,value binding here com02 is key and value is num02.

Please let me know where(e.g. wdDoModifyView method or onActionDummy method of UI onselect action) and how I can bind this custom UI element selected value to existing context attribute num02?

Once this is done at the coding level, the context will have the selected values then this addresses screen is a roadmap, so the next step is review where I can just display the num02 value.

Please let me know if anything is not clear above.