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Jul 21, 2009 at 11:29 AM

Service taxes


Dear Friends,

Now i have posted an invoice with service tax & the entries were

Vendor Cr Rs 1000,

Plant & Machinery Repair Dr Rs 906,

Service OH Acc Dr Rs91,

Ed Serv OH Rs 2

& SEd Serv OH Rs 1.

So as i know we need to transfer this service tax from OH Acc to Final GL Acc, only when we do the payment, so that we can go ahead with utilisation.

But my problem is that I have posted 10 Invoices for this month with service taxes & have done the payment against the 6 invoices only. Here how i can know the amt which i need to transfer from OH Acc to Final Acc ?

Do we have any reports showing that we can transfer this much of amt like that ?