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Jul 21, 2009 at 11:28 AM

not able to access SLD,NWA n PI


Hi Frndz..

I installed ECC6.0 ,it was installed good n running well ,from yester day am not able to access SLD,NWA and XI .And i changed the JVM memory parameters to grater values 2048(inital vales for max heap mem :1024,-XX: MaxPerm :256 n -XX:Prem : 256) in Config tool.

Once i change the above default values server node (server0) is not even starting up(starting only with the default vales(1024,256) n in developer trace itz saying uncomaptable memory error.

In VisAdm service is in disable mode am tryiing to start this app but itz giving error and Data Supplier bridge is also not working..

Is there anything to do in R3 side ??.

I gone through some fourms from SDN ,there the sloution is to increase -XX:MaxpermSize -XX:PermSize in configtool, but when am trying to increase these vales my server0 node it self not starting up.