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Jul 21, 2009 at 10:51 AM

NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 - Not able to save data object mapping


Hi All,

I am trying to create a sample mobile 7.1 application. I am following the process described in

Briefly, here is what I did.

1. Created a table called Z1CUSTOMER on the Backend R/3 system.

2. Created 2 BAPI wrappers on the Backend R/3 system. These BAPI Wrappers retrieve data from the Z1CUSTOMER table.


3. Imported the BAPI Wrappers in the Mobile 7.1 DOE, using transaction SDOE_WB. This created a data object

called: CUSTOMER and a Backend adapter called CUSTOMER_ADP.

4. Double clicked on the Backend adapter: CUSTOMER_ADP, went to the Mapping Tool tab, and mapped the

fields of the data object node against the table structure returned by the BAPI Wrapper:


(There are 3 drop-downs from which the Data Object Node, BAPI Wrapper name and Interface Structure can be selected)

5. Went to the Default Values tab, and selected the BAPI Wrapper to be called and parameter to be passed.

6. Saved the changes made to the Backend adapter.

7. Activate the Backend adapter.

Trouble is, as soon as the Backend adapter is activated, the mapping & default values information, which I entered in step 4 & 5, is getting lost. If I double click on the Backend adapter and reopen it, I am not able to see the mapping between data object node and the table structure returned by the BAPI Wrapper.

Later, I performed a Initial or Delta load of the CUSTOMER data object by using transaction SDOE_LOAD. But when I do a View Metadata of the CUSTOMER data object, the CDS Entries column show zero. I guess it is zero because the mapping & default values had not been saved.

I am not able to understand why the mapping and default values are not getting saved. Have I missed out some configuration setting or done something wrongly? Due to this problem, my sample application is not working till now.

If any of you has some idea on this, please give me some help.

Thanks in advance.