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Jul 21, 2009 at 10:34 AM

how to empty current user sap memory


I had just an issue regarding 2 subsequent CALL TRANSACTION with same data and same transaction code (*). In the second call there was an error because one of the screens was not displayed anymore. It was because a sap memory was initially empty and was set (SET PARAMETER) during the first call, then the second call did not display a screen because the sap memory was set.

In the future, if I encounter again this kind of issue, I'd like to reset whole sap memory between the 2 calls, to check quickly if the issue comes from sap memory or not.

Is there a way to know programmatically which sap memories are defined in the current transaction, so that to clear them ? The classic debugger displays them, but how can we do it by ourselves.

Thank you

(*) For info, it was sap memory DDY and transaction XD07 (with XD02 between 2 transactions). I also found that maybe the problem might occur with sap memory KDY and transaction KD07 (+ KD02).