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Jul 21, 2009 at 09:32 AM

Extractor for Financial Statements


Dear experts,

I'm trying to find out which extractor, ODS and cube do I have to use in order to show in a standard BW query the data for Financial Statements as they are shown in R3 with report RFBILA00.

I've been reading a lot, and I have tryed with several:

- 0FI_GL_4 updating cubes 0FIGL_C01 and 0FIGL_VC1. We used 0FI_GL_4 because tables GLT0 were empty in R3. This didn't give a very bad result, except for the account 129000 which represents the profit and loss for the year before. It doesn't appear the real ammount since it is just a flow of amounts without no document behing. For this we tryed with the standard query "0FIGL_VC1_Q0001".

Afterwards we were told that these tables (GLT0) were empty because they were using the New General Ledger, thus I updated the following flow:

- Extractor 0FI_GL_10 updating ODS 0FIGL_O10 which updated cubes 0FIGL_C10 and 0FIGL_V10. This doesn't work at all, very strange results are returned. We tryed with the standard query "0FIGL_V10_Q0001".

I have seen now that there is as well extractor 0FI_GL_14 but since I have tryed with so many and they haven't worked I am not sure to implement this one.

Does anybody know which standard extractor, ODS, cube and queries should I use in order to see Financial statements as in R3 report RFBILA00???

Thanks in advance to everyone, I really don't know how to continue or which is the issue....

Best regards,