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Jul 21, 2009 at 07:20 AM

Configuratio help required



I need Help in configuration.. for the Below scenario..

1 we are getting data from Proxy in MsgA

2. We are mapping the MsgA to MsgB(intermediate Structure) in SAP-PI

3. Then This would goes to BPM . (Final Msg type is different i have the done mapping for MsgB to FinalMsg (BPM) )

MsgA---- MsgB(this is Abs interface msg)--- MsgFinal

Now i need steps how to send the Proxy msg to BPM so that it wolud be mapped to intermediate msg type..

I have done BPM part.. But not able to receive message on BPM side... this should be the Configuraiton Problem.

What i have done is MsgA maps to Msg B

In IM used MsgA_Outbound_Asyn to MsgB_Abs(as it is going to BPM, Receive step will have this msg) is this Correct

So coming to configuration part.. i'm confused about the steps, becuase i'm handling the msg mapping outside the BPM..

Do i need to create the Agreements for the same.. If so can you please anyone suggest me on the configuration steps.