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Jul 21, 2009 at 06:55 AM

Is it possible to create multiple deliveries for Text items in Sales Order



I have a question and request your help on this and thanks in advance for your co-operation and support. I have a business scenario, where business wants to do the back orders(multiple deliveries) for a text items.

System is allowing to create multiple deliveries for a standard item. In this context, the customer and material used is same. Where as the order types are different: ZOR and ZNI. For the order type: ZOR, the item category: ZO22. The item type is 'blank' - Standard item in the configuration of Item category. But, for the other order type: ZNI, the item category: ZONI. The item type is B - Text item.

Though, Order is raised for the 10 qty in both the scenarios for the same customer and material, I able to create multiple partial deliveries for the standard order: ZOR. But, for the other order type: ZNI, I able to create only one delivery. Here, i'm doing the partial delivery by changing the delivery qty and order qty in the delivery document from intial 10 qty to 5 qty. as per the business reqt. When, i try to create another delivery for the open items in the referenced SO, system is giving an error message: "No Delivery(Open) related items in the referenced SO for the order type: ZNI(Actually, here there are 5 qty in open).

I have done some of the possible checks in configuration settings:

! Item category: ZONI is checked as Item relevant for delivery, so as successfully able to create one delivery.

! Schedule lines in the sales order are fully confirmed.

! Partial deliveries allowed in the sales document

! No check for the 'complete delivery'.

! Copy controls are fine and same as standard ones.

! Schedule line category is same as standard ones.

So, my query is, is it possible to create a multiple deliveries for a text items in SAP?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,