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I need a user exit/BADI for MIGO FOR Good issue that check quantity

Nov 16, 2016 at 11:12 AM


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I run MIGO for good issue from reservation and i need that the system give me an error message when quantity in the Migo is exceed the quantity of reservation.

For this i try to customize the error message in OMCQ by using the M7022 (& exceed &&) but it doesn't work , so i try to find the appropriate user exit ou badi that allows me to check the inserted quantity compare it to reserved one and give me an error message when it's greater but not inferior.

Thanks for your help.

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Jürgen L Nov 16, 2016 at 04:01 PM

"but it doesn't work" - this is an end user statement, it has not really any information to work with.

rushing into BADI and user exit is probably for many ABAPers the first choice, when your only tool is a hammer then everything looks like a nail.

I would recommend to read thourogly OSS note 200654 - Requirement quantity of reservation exceeded

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I really don't understand why do you answer me like that.

I'm not ABAPERs, I'm functionnal WM consultant and I'm new in this community ( that's why i have posted my question first in SAP FORUMS, it's a mistake).

I say that "doesn't work" because I have tested and And I have not managed to have the desired result, may be I have missed steps But I done my best.

Thank you for note's number but i can't have any note because i haven't access.

Thank you a lot


How can you do your job if you have no access to SAP notes? Talk to your supervisor. If the software was legally purchased then someone in your organization should have this access and is in charge to grand this authorization to consultants.

You still did not say what you tested, there can be so many things effect the appearance of a message that just saying

"I have tested and And I have not managed to have the desired result" does not tell much to others who have no access to your system. Messages can be personalized, one user can have a warning, the other an error, the third just nothing.

If you want strangers to help you then you have explain them the things that they cannot see.

We can assume that you turned M7 022 into an error message, but we do not know which message version you have and how your parameters in SU3 are.

But why at all M7 022? What made you think that this is the right message? It is actually not, which you could know if you had access to the SAP note. This note explains what steps need to be taken to enable a message, it does not explicitly tell which message it finally is, but it tells you in which table you have to do changes to enable that a message is send. And if you compare those settings with existing content in the table then you should come to the conclusion that there is already such entry with number 362, which makes together message M7362

You can try your luck in OMCQ if it works for you right away, if not then you need the note and have to complete the settings


thks a lot , i the first post , you have replied to my question.


Get yourself an s-user id or ask the company that you're working for if they share one.


Thks a lot

Nic Teunckens Nov 16, 2016 at 03:15 PM

Please do a Community (or Google) - Search first, there are numerous resources on this with regards to Enhancements for 'MIGO' ...

Give one of the following a try :

  • ...
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Thank you for response.

I ask this question because i'm not sure that these BADIs ensure the check of the quantity in the MIGO or MB26.

I read a lot of "resources" about this subject but as I can't check my self the user exit ( I haven't access key) , I just want to be sure that it can check the quantity.