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Jul 20, 2009 at 06:15 PM

Subject Out of Range Error



I've got a problem concerning normal excel functionality. I built a report which is quite complex. Within this report I'm using BPCMacros like MNU_eTOOLS_EXPANDANDREFRESH as well as a little bit of VBA and 5-6 EVDREs. When I'm working with this report everything appears to be fine and I do not get any error messages. It works as desired.

But the problem is that other reports do not work properly every time the corresponding report is open. I always get an "Subject Out of Range"-error when I use the standard expand functionality. The problem is not related to a wrong defined row or column key range because the error message also appears when I build a new EVDRE via the wizard or even when I have a blank workbook and click the expand button. I actually deleted the VBA-Code to see if the code causes the problem but it did not make any difference.

Can anybody give advice?

Thanks in advance