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Jul 20, 2009 at 04:20 PM



We've created a user copy of the LE_SHP_DELNOTE Smartform and are trying to view the output via tranx VL02N.

The Smartform has been tested and displays without any errors. The output message is setup okay within VL02N and the config (using either V/34 or NACE) has been setup with the print program set to RLE_DELNOTE and the Smartform as ZLE_SHP_DELNOTE for the correct output type (ZMX3) and application (V2).

However, when I look at the message processing log in VL02n I get the messages:

o Object 0830000182

o Output type: MX3 - Goods issue

o Processing log for program RLE_DELNOTE routine

o Processing routine in program RLE_DELNOTE does not exist

with the fourth line shown in Red.

Has anyone hit this same problem?.