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Jul 20, 2009 at 02:33 PM

dynamic report scheduling / submit report AND CONTINUE


Hi all,

I have a requirement a bit complicated for me (I've never done before): I have to launch a material price update while registering with MIGO: I found the correct exit but I cannot update, because while registering, MIGO locks material and the exit is triggered while lock is still on and so my update cannot be done; I have a report that makes update and I thought I can solve it in two ways (that I don't know if are possible):

1) in user exit, I could launch report without stopping transaction waiting report has finisched(like to start a thread ) then I should put a WAIT UNTIL n SECONDS in the report to let the MIGO release lock on material and then update data.

2) schedule a job dynamically to start n seconds after the user exit is reached so that the MIGO ends its processes and material lock is released.

Does anybody can give me an hint about these solutions?