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Jul 20, 2009 at 02:14 PM



Dear professionals,

Our client has this hierarchy for our materials:

Category (6 materials types)

-> Family (each material type has at least 2 families of materials)

-> Group (each family has at least 10 groups)

-> Subgroup (each subgroup has many subgroups)

We are doing the Classification System and each level is a Characteristic, this four characteristic are going to be assigned to a Class. So, we need to be able to search materials by any of those characteristics, but with the standar classification only allow to search by the category or subgroup, not for all of them.

So, we decided to do four characteristics:

1. Category

2. Category + Family

3. Category + Family + Group

4. Category + Family + Group + Subgroup.

With this system is possible to search materials by any characteristic. But the problem is : when I added in each category the families, some of the families has the same name and the system sent the message that is not possible to have valuos more than once. Message c1034.

I do not what to do, because this is the classification what our client needs.

Thank you.