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Jul 20, 2009 at 02:10 PM

universe sort order


Good afternoon

I am creating a universe (1st timer). I have added a date dimension to the universe but when I bring data from the dimension into a webi report the month names are sorted alphabetically. I would like to sort these numerically (i.e by their month number - available in the dimension) and yet display the month name (also available in the dimension).

So far I have sorted the object in the designer from "object properties\edit\" applied the sort of month number. It sorts the data confirmed when i check the display in the designer and I have checked the option "export with uiniverse" also.

However when i use the data in webi it is not sorted as expetced but rather alphabetically.

Please can someone help, is what I am trying to do possible (it must be as its such a basic requirement) and if so how?