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Jul 20, 2009 at 12:43 PM

Budgetary Control during PR creation.


Hi Experts,

Need your help for the following issue, My requirement is:

I am creating manually a PR via ME51N, using account assignment category as P and item category D or standard, providing my WBS. In valuation field I am putting value more than the budget of that WBS. But budget is NOT getting checked.......I tried to creat a service PR as well as material PR.

Same parameters if I am using to generate the PR via CJ20N Budget exceeding error is coming against the same WBS.

My client want the budget exceeding error should come when we are manually creating PR using the transaction ME51N.

The following are my setting related to budget availability control:--

1. In tranx OPS9 budget, Activation type is 1and checked for only overall budget. (releases box is unchecked)

2. In tolerance limit, activity group is selected as ++ only with warning and error at 90% and 100% respectively.

3. As we are using Investment management also so project is funded from investment program via IM52.

4. Commitment management is active for all the WBS (also system status is set AVAC)

5. I am using ECC5.0

6. I have deactivated and activated the avalibility control already.

7. There is no exempt cost element.

8. We are NOT using funds management.

For your information after creatingPR via ME51N; when PO is made against the manually created PR, budget exceeding error is coming.

Please let me know what is wrong with the system. What else I can do for testing it.

Thanks in anticipation.