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Jul 20, 2009 at 10:26 AM

Implicit character or charactered structure --> to String Conversion


Hi everybody,

that sounds trivial but i am struggeling.... which is the most elegant way to do a implicit "To-String" Conversion in ABAP Objects...

I have e.g.

data lok_string type string.

lok_string = wa.

m_object->addline( lok_string ).

which is working fine but is not elegant comaring with java.

i want

m_object->addline( wa ).

but this don't go when "wa" is a structured workarea with many "type c"s in it (and only these).

but since the explicit assignment "lok_string = wa." is working well, there could be a elegant implicit one?

(m_object->addline expects a string variable.)

Thank is aprreciated.