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Jul 20, 2009 at 10:05 AM

Change unit of measure


I know changing UoM is not recommended but in case we need to change it what is the procedure ?

Pls note that I got many related posts on SDN but I didnot understood , will u please elaborate how to perform the following

Specially point " a " in detail .

The base unit of measure cannot be changed; choose "Display errors"

Message no. M3189


You wanted to change the base unit of measure. However, you can do so only under certain circumstances, including the following:

If there are no stocks of the material in the current period and in the previous period

If there are stocks in the previous period, you can clear them as follows:

a) Post the stock in the previous period to the current period (for example, using movement type 561) so that the stock for the previous period is the same as the stock for the current period.

b) Clear the stock with the posting date in the previous period (for example, using movement type 562).

If no purchase requisitions, purchase orders, or scheduling agreements exist for the material