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Jul 20, 2009 at 07:00 AM

Update LineNum in Sales Order line Details


Dear All,

I have imported a sales order into a database from another database on SAP B1 2005A using DTW. The sales order has only one line item.

However, after importing, the linenum of the target table RDR1 is 0 while the source has it as 1. All the other fields have been updated with the correct data.

I am trying to update the same sales order's LineNum to 1 using DTW with the 'update' option ticked and the process runs successfully. However upon checking the database I find out that it has added another line item with the same details. Can a linenum field be changed/updated? The reason behind my need to change the linenum is because after trying to import a sales delivery linking it to that sales order it gives me an error :[DLN1.BaseEntry][Line: 1] 'No matching records found [ODBC:2028]'.

Kind Regards,