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Jul 20, 2009 at 05:55 AM

MDM lookup parameters from File Sender Channel


Hi SDNers,

In my current assignment I am required to make an SAP MDM lookup in a JAVA Mapping to fetch certain details to further process the message.

Currently the MDM server details along with user id and password are maintained in a properties file.

During Migration from Development to Quality or from Quality to Production Environment this properties file needs to be changed and the mapping needs to be reimported individually in each environment.

I want to avoid this cumbursome task of changing the properties file and re importing the Java Map on each environment.

Is there any way to mention the following 3 parameters in the Sender Channel itself (in my case it is FIle Channel)

Server IP Address, User ID, Password? so that the Java Map at runtime can access these parameters from the channel, as each environment will have different channel.

I don't know if I can use ASMA or Additional Parameters for achieving this.


Gautam Purohit