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Jul 20, 2009 at 05:50 AM

Installing B1 Test Composer


Hi Trinidad

Thakns a lot for your first response.

Please find here my innitial Question:

I am Walter, a project manager from resource AG, a SAP consulting company in Switzerland.

Here in Switzerland we are using more SAP BestPractices. Nevertheless Iu2019m interested on the test Tool which was developed in the context of SAP B1.

I have downloaded version 2.0 an 2.3.

With both Iu2019ve got some problems.

 V2.0: Error when starting to record: Error 80040154

 V2.3: is always asking for .NET V1.1. I have already V3.5

On the SAP Community Network I could find your content to Version 2.0 of the Test Composer.

Therefore Iu2019m hoping to get some support from you:

I have Windows XP SP3, .NET 3.5 SP1, Visual Studio Express2008

Is there a chance to get this tool running, or what is your proposal?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

Best regards.

Now your answer:

SAP B1 Test Composer tool needs to be run together with SAP Business One version 2007, do you have SAP B1 installed in the same machine and running before you press record?

In SDN the latest version delivered is V2.0, where did you downloaded version 2.3?

Maybe you will need .NET Framework 1.1 as the installer was created with VS2005, you can just install it in your machine (even if you already have .NET 3.5).

Please find here my response to your answer:

We do not ha a B1 system. I was on the opinion, that B1 is a "normal" SAP R/3 and based on this, I was hoping to be able ro use the Test Composer also with a SAP BestPractices installation??????

The noxt point with the .NET 1.1!

As I mentioned, I have .NET version 3.5. Nevertheless, the installation tool ist asking for 1.1!

When I'm trying to install version1.1 I get the error, that a newer version already is installed on my machine!!!

Thanks a lot in advance for your support.