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Jul 20, 2009 at 05:01 AM

MWST Picking differently


Hi Gurus,

We are having the scenario like following--

Scenario-1u2014Sales area-Netherland

Sending goods to Norway-

Plant is from Netherland

Ship to Is UK--

The MWST has calculated 0% picking though we have output tax maintained as '1' in customer Master.Where does it get the TaxClass1-Cust value of 0 - when you look at the customer we have 1:

Sold&Payer is Norway

Ship to is UK

Though we have Domestic condition record for 19%,it is calculating as'0'%


Soldto &Payer is from Romania

Ship to is from Romania.

Plant form Germany.

Another Question is that-- We are having business process like Sales Area in Netherland .Our Plant at Germany sending final goods to Romania from Germany Plant.

At sales order Level-the Tax calculating as from Netherland to Romania as export Taxes with tax code as A6.

the same is determined at Billing document as Germant to Romania with tax code as A9.

Why it is showing differently for sales order creation level and at billing document level.