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Jul 19, 2009 at 07:38 AM

More cache Problem!!


HIi experts,

I have problem like whenever im trying to activate the objects in IR & ID the first attempt those objects not getting activated and i am getting the

error message like " Communication error with JMS failed " when i retry the activation action.. its getting msg "avtivated successfully"

But its not gettting actived actually. i Have to go In IR or ID Environment---> cache notification --- > the recently activated the object willl be in red color symbol after i repeat cache notification and refresh then it ill became green color"

After the recently activated objects i can see in SXi_CACHE.. but i couldnt find out in RWB.. i mean if i activating a new CC .. i can see in SXI_CACHE but i can find in CC MONITORING in RWB.....

Thanks to ABHISHEK SALVI that he preferred me a ebook for cache monitoring...

I followed this document.. I have done CACHE CONNECTIVITY TEST in RWB ... In that a RED COLOR ERROR SYMBOL coming in

INTEGRATION DIRECTORY--> INTEGRATION SERVER ABAP with Error msg like " Attempt to fetch cache data from Intergration Directory failed, cache couldnt be updated. [Fetch Data] not found." i refreshed many times its not getting change.

Then iin Administration

in Cache overview menu

Java VM cache refresh

The all 3 cache, cache for SWC, SLD cache, Adapter metadata are getting refresh successfullu

XI data Cache Refresh

I dont have authorization here

Single Repository Cache Refresh

All the objects types " MAPPING, XI-TRAFO, TRAFO -JAR, Adaptermetadata, RepBProcess, giving the error msg...

Now what should i do.. What should i ask basis people who are in the remote location.. when i send mail to them like cache not getting update automatically they replied me simply like " then activate the objects manually".. It seems they didnt understand the problem properly..

so what should i mail them???

Please help me experts,