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Jul 19, 2009 at 05:59 AM

Issue with the BI Reports


Hi Friends,

I've created a report using the BI integration wizard in visual composer. I've configured the query with the 'Free Form' query template also have defined the filters there. This is working fine and giving me the report output. When I deploy this , I could see a start point for the data service.

But instead of the start point with the default values for the filters , I want to have an input form for the users to enter the field values. I added the input form in place of start point by dragging it to the input port. But it's not working even though it doesn't give any error while deploying this report. It gives the following error when I run this report.

" Data service error occurred,cannot execute OLAP queryCannot get data set: Cannot get data set".

Any help will be appreciated...


Lakshmi Prasad.