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Jul 17, 2009 at 09:09 PM

Printing unwanted rows in Main Window


Hi All,

im designing a smartform in which i need fetch data of three different transactions..

im my smartform in need to fetch

1.Inbound Delivery

2.Outbound Delivery

3.Forward Billing...

MY issue is im using three tables in Main window for requirements in

Inbound Delivery there 1 item and in outbound delivery there are 3 items and in Forward billing there

are 6 items...

IN forward billing data which im getting is correct where as Inbound and Out bound also fetching 6 line items with

same items repeating..

iwant to avoid of that printing

1 item means 1 row should create where as 3 item only 3 items should print and for 6 only 6 rows to print.

Thanks to All,