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Jul 17, 2009 at 08:47 PM

MII to PI connectivity


Hi All

#1 I'm trying to connect to Rockwell FactoryTalk Historian (a flavour of PI, v3.0) using PI UDS available for download on SAP Marketplace. After UDS framework installation there were no errors displayed on the screen or in the logs.

Starting the UDS admin, and defining the UDS for PI connectivity, I've selected the UDS type as "PI", defined the servernme, defined the port as"8088" and username as "piadmin" with the corresponding password. Other parameters are DigStr=True, Cachemode = None, Sync = False, Debug = False, AutoRetry=False.

PI API/SDK is installed, I can display values in a DOS window using apisnap.exe & tagnames.

If I want to run the UDS, I get an error like: "Unable to start UDS. See the Application Event Log for details." However, I can not locate any application event logs related to MII PI UDS. So no luck to get to the data ..

#2 Then, tried OPC-DA & OPC-HDA approach using the OPC UDS Framework v4.0. All Ok until I run a query-template on a subset of tags and I get the following message:

Problem with tag: "XXX", due to: The item is no longer available in the server address space. Hence, no luck to get to the data ..

#3 The only thing I know of, left to try, is the OLEDB approach, but as a matter of fact the FactoryTalk Historian does not include this option.

Any ideas how to get to the historical/current data saved in this PI server?

NOTE: I can see current PI values using the FactoryTalk LiveData .. so it looks like the OPC connectivity is working .. up to a point.