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Jul 17, 2009 at 04:06 PM

Shared Variable not feeding to main report due to parameter settings


I have a fairly complex Human Resource report with a number of subreports.

On the main report there are 2 main groups: Department of employee, then paydate, in semi-monthly order

On the main report, there are a number of shared variables feeding into these groups, so I can track how many employees are hired within a department each semi-month, how many terminate, how many transfer into a dept, and transfer out of a dept.

All is working fine EXCEPT when it's a new department and any of the shared variables do not have a paydate subgroup to feed into.

Specifically: New department created in June, we hired 7 employees. Their first paydate wasn't until July. On the subreport for New Hires - their hire dates are all the last couple days of June, but because their first paydate on the main report wasn't until July 4th, there is no place for the shared variable to go. I have struggled with this date issue since day one. The paydate seemed to be the most consistent field to set as parameter in the main report, as there could be payperiods with no New Hires, No terminations, No transfers. Those are my database fields. Is there some sort of Jan - Dec calendar available within Crystal that I could use as my subgroup, or any suggestions how to forcefeed a shared variable in?