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Jul 17, 2009 at 03:54 PM

Using [SD]/[ED] parameters in queries. xMII 12.1.1


Hi All,

I've been investigating usage of "[SD]" and "[ED]" parameters in Query Templates and now have some statements either for confirmation or for disproof.

- Values only in XML-datetime format should be assigned to StartDate & EndDate parameters in xMII transactions?

If SD & ED are unparsable I noticed that xMII assigns the following values: EndDate = datenow, StartDate = datenow - 1hour.

- if EndDate is not in XML-datetime format it is built as StartDate + 1 hour?

- EndDate which is earlier than StartDate is ignored and StartDate value is assigned to EndDate?

- InternalDateFormat setting defines how the dates (SD/ED) are sent to the database server (in a SQL query) and to avoid localization problems (e.g. mm/dd/yyyy vs. dd/mm/yyyy) it should be used in conjunction with corresponding DatePrefix and DateSuffix.

Thanks for your comments,