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Jul 17, 2009 at 03:25 PM

ECC6 ABAP + JAVA ===> Create standby server and ship logs?


Hello Everyone,

my apologies if this is a frequently asked question but I have been searching for a couple of hours now already.

We have ECC6 ABAP + JAVA running on WINDOWS 2003 64Bit and MSSQL 2005

I want to establish a Homogeneous system copy of production with the same SID and then do log shipping as a standby.

If this was ABAP only then it's really easy, back up DB, restore DB, install system with system copy option.

For Java, I need to export some of the Java stack and then this is used by the system copy tools when installing the new system.

Will the system install with copy option require the standby to be recovered? This will stop me being able to ship logs.

If I get round this by installing a new database and then dropping it I will have problems with the Java stack when it's restored.

Can anyone post a link that will help?