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Jul 17, 2009 at 01:01 PM

Chart Expert - Why are some formula fields not available?


I have a report where I had to do Running Totals with formulas. Following what I learned long ago from the documentation, I laid in my formulas, and then setup some "Display" formulas to print out the results at the end of my report.

Now I am adding a chart to show a sort of 'summarized' version of the report - its a simple Pie chart...

But when I go into the Chart Expert and want to select those Display formula fields (there are 4 of them) - they do not appear in the list?

FYI - These four Display formulas are in the Report Footer of the report, and my chart is in the Report Header.

Why do some of my formula fields appear in the Chart Expert "select field" list - while others do not?

I checked the documentation on this, but it is very "lite" and does not indicate why this might be...

Any help is most appreciated!