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Jul 17, 2009 at 11:47 AM

Data format "-0.PR.20-A" in PSA by loading date from oracle to BI typ DATS


By loading oracle date data with DB connect from oracle database to SAP BI with data type DATS, i become such a date data "-0.EB.15-F" in the PSA. Can i transfer this date data in the infoprovider and get a gut date as yyyymmdd or ddmmyyyy or ...

Or this data is not usable.

1.If this date data "-0.EB.15-F" is not usable, how can i load the oracle data from type DATE (i see it from the datasource proposition date to DATS)

2. If those data are false or not usable,

2.a. how can i delete those data in the PSA without transfer it with DTP in the infoprovider,

2.b. can i then for that characteristic attribute from type DATE in oracle change the the previous data type DATS for the BI characteristic to 0DATE and have a successfully data load. Is it possible in this case to made a full load a second type with the same infopackage after deleting the data in the PSA.

Thank you for helping

Kind reagrds


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