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Jul 17, 2009 at 11:04 AM

How to print out firmed scheduling line to vendor


Dear experts,

I have a question on the scheduling line print form. Our vendors want to know that which demand are firmed and which demand are non-firmed from the scheduling line message(ME9E). How can I solve this issue?

Followings are the methods I have tried, but failed. Am I wrong for those understanding?

1.There is a thought solved by 'Release Create Profile' customizing, since the demand can be aggregated by daily/weekly/monthly. So in the very beginning, I wanted to distinguish the firmed and non-firmed demand in this function: daily format means firmed, weekly/monthly means non-firmed. But seems it hard to realize, since the logic of standard SAP will do a rounding in that case. For e.g., if the cut-off date (between daily and weekly format) is Tuesday, then the Wednesday/Thursday/Friday's format are still daily aggregation, which ingore the definition in customizing. And the weekly aggregation will show from the next week. So the demand of Wednesday/Thursday/Friday is non-firmed, but show as daily demand. Is there any customizing can deal with that?

2. There is a filed in ME31L named 'firm zone', this definition is definitely what I want, but how can I print it out to let our vendor know that?