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Jul 17, 2009 at 09:30 AM

Business Process Monitoring - Application Monitoring help.


Hi all,

Through Business Process Monitoring, I am trying to configure monitoring on table NAST, so that an alert will be generated for Billing documents print outputs (application=V3, transm. medium=1) on specific message types, if the processing status is equal to either 0 (not processed) or 2 (incorrectly processed).

I have configured this through application monitoring, using the 'Messages (Output Determination)' monitoring object. Under this, was able to configure the 2 key figures of "unprocessed messages" and "incorrectly processed messages" with the parameters mentioned above (application and message type).

I set the yellow alert threshold to 1, and the red alert threshold to 2, as I want to be notified each time a print output goes into status 0 or 2, and that a red alert be generated in the case where 2 or more print outputs are not successful.

However, upon activation of this monitoring, I came across the following issue: The table NAST already has over 40 historic entries of unprocessed and incorrectly processed messages for these message types. The monitoring is picking up all these entries right away, and therefore a red alert is being generated.

There does not appear to be a way to configure the monitoring to only look for new entries in the table matching the criteria, e.g. look for billing docs with status = incorrectly processed during the last 24 hours. It seems that unless the existing entries in the table NAST are either deleted or have their status changed to "processed", the monitoring will always pick up these entries and report a red alert, even if no new entries are discovered.

Does anyone know how a way of configuring a date range with this type of monitoring, or do I have to modify the existing entries in the table (either delete them, change their status or set the "disregard" indicator on the messages in the table) before this monitoring will work as I hoped it would?

Secondly - a more general point - although there are lots of good documents on configuring Business Process Monitoring, I have not yet found one which gives full details on all the different types of application monitoring available, and how each of them can be configured. I know that within Application Monitoring, when you choose a monitoring type, the grey box at the top half of the screen gives some good information on what the monitoring does and how to configure it, but a document which captures all these monitoring types in one place would be very useful - if anyone could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it!

Thanks in advance for any help with the first issue above,