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Jul 16, 2009 at 08:51 PM

xApps and NW Mobile 7.1


Hi all,

I am in a situation were we have an existing MI 7.0 installation running some xApps (MAM). We are thinking of adding additional offline handheld and tablet applications to our mobile transaction set (occasional-connected).

From other discussions I gather that you should use NW Mobile 7.1 to build new occasional-connected applications instead of using Mobile Infrastructure 7.0. On the other hand we would like to keep themobile landscape simple and retain our investment we already spent on MAM and custom MI 7.0 handheld transactions.

Does anybody know if you can run current 7.0 xApps (MAM) on NW Mobile 7.1? If so, what would be the upgrade or migration procedure for xApps? Assuming you cannot use MI 7.0 xApps on NW Mobile 7.1 does SAP provide new xApps for NW Mobile 7.1? If neither is possible/available, what would be the recommended approach to keep existing functionality, have managable system landscape and leverage existing investments.

Also, is SAP continue to develop/enhance MI 7.0 and xApps? How long will SAP support MI 7.0 and xApps? WHat happens with xApps after support ends?

Any feedback on above questions is as always greatly appreciated.


Wolfgang Berger