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Jul 16, 2009 at 04:00 PM

Load and Display Multiple Images in a Web Dynpro Table


I am new to Web Dynpro and I am wondering if anyone can help me with an application that I am currently developing. I have a particular requirement to store images in a database table (not MIME repository) and then display them in a WD table element. An image can be of JPEG, PNG or TIFF format and is associated with an employee record.

I want to create a view in my application that displays multiple images in a table, one image per row. I want to do this using Web Dynpro for ABAP, not Java. I have looked into pretty much all examples available for Web Dynpro and came to the conclusion that Components such as WDR_TEST_EVENTS and WDR_TEST_UI_ELEMENTS do not have any examples of images being stored in a database table and viewed in/from a Web Dynpro table element. Programs such as RSDEMO_PICTURE_CONTROL, DEMO_PICTURE_CONTROL and SAP_PICTURE_DEMO do not show this either.

The images to be displayed in the Dynpro table are to come from a z-type table, stored in a column of data type XSTRING (RAW STRING). So I would also like to know how to upload these images into this z-type table using ABAP code (not Java).

Your help would be greatly appreciated.