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Jul 16, 2009 at 02:57 PM

what is ENHANCEMENT- ... INCLUDE BOUND (I do not talk about IS BOUND)


Could someone explain me what means the following text from abap documentation ? (statements ENHANCEMENT-POINT or ENHANCEMENT-SECTION)

"Source code enhancements created using the INCLUDE BOUND addition have their own namespace in each Include program. This ensures that if several Include programs are integrated into one compilation unit, no namespace conflicts arise, either between Include programs, or with the source code enhancements of the compilation unit."

Because I try to understand why SAP has made this technical limitation : I can't succeed implementing IMPLICIT enhancement options in includes containing statement ENHANCEMENT-POINT (or -SECTION) ... INCLUDE BOUND, I get message ED 293 ("No implicit enhancement options can be displayed") but this is normal according to SAP support and ABAP documentation (see also Note 1346811 - Implicit enhcmt opts in includes that are used several times)

Thank you for your kind help