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Jul 16, 2009 at 02:24 PM

Flash Data Expert - row and column sections don't line up


Hi I'm in the process of evaluating Crystal Reports 2008 and XCelsius 2008 - I downloaded both of the free trials and was following the white paper 'EMBEDDING XCELSIUS 2008 VISUALIZATIONS IN CRYSTAL REPORTS 2008'. I tried exporting some data from a crystal report and then I tried to use it as a basis for a pie chart. My data was only 2 rows so there isn't a ton of data.

I finished the pie chart, exported to a swf, opened Crystal and imported the flash swf file into my crystal report (the same one I exported from). Then I opened the Flash Data Expert. And I tried to drag a formula into the row field and that seemed to work fine but then I also tried to drag a running total based on a group into the column field.

I noticed that unlike in the white paper the row and column sections weren't next to each other. They were diagonal from each other. And as a result I had to drag the running total over for however many rows I'd specified that the data had (in this case I had to drag it twice.

I don't believe I can post pictures but I'm hoping this is something maybe someone has seen or maybe its an issue that fixed in either a service pack or a fix pack?

Can anyone help me?

I just want to do the most basic thing and have my pie chart take live data from our database but strange things are happening.

Thanks for your time.