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Nov 16, 2016 at 08:57 AM



Does SiT function cater for deliveries to customers with intercompany sales processing AND ownership by the sales company during transit? 

We are currently investigating the Stock in Transit business function from EhP5 and have a common situation that we are not sure is accommodated by SiT.  

The scenario is: 

Company code X (Sales Org X) creates a third party sales order that orders goods from a plant assigned to another company code (Y).  

When we run the scenario the goods coming from company Y's plants show as SiT in company. That would be fine if the internal sale and external sale both had DDP terms, but the agreement between our companies is that ownership transfers to company X at collection from other company's plant. In other words the incoterms internally are ex works 

Can anyone confirm our understanding/suggest a different way of handling it? We can't really change the incoterms between the companies.

best regards

Lise Madsen